October 2nd.

The end of the application time is drawing close!  Tomorrow will be the last day we accept store apps.  Which means we are getting ever closer to the start date of the hunt!  I hope everyone’s getting as excited as we are!


70th Store!!

Congradulations to Laudanum Lollipops on being our 70th store to join the hunt! As we draw closer to the 1st we are preparing to close shop owner applications and then we will begin the process of assigning the hunt order, and plugging away at getting all the last minute details in order!  If you’re not part of the hunt group in-world then hurry up and get on board and help spread the word! This year’s hunt is going to be awesome!

60th Store Mark

We’ve reached the 60th Store mark with the addition of USC Textures!  We’re really quite thrilled that we’ve made it this far and with October 1st drawing near we’re still accepting applications up untill then so who knows where we’ll end up! Thank you everyone who’s joined us so far and thank you to everyone who’s yet to join us!

50th store mark!

With the addition of 20.FIVE the the hunt this year we have reached 50 stores!  We’re all thrilled to have hit this mile-marker as it represents a huge growth for us as a hunt from last year.  We’re still accepting applications from shop owners so the hunt isn’t quite done growing just yet 😉

~FMH Staff

New blog additions

As you might have noticed we’ve added four new pages to the blog in preperation for the hunt’s approaching start date.  We’re also looking to welcome hunters to the hunt group.  If you’re wanting an invitation feel free to copy this line into your local chat in SL.


Update: 8/19/12

As the hunt draws closer we wanted to take a second to thank everyone who has joined us, checked out the blog, sent us in questions, chatted in the hunt group, and shown all the remarkable interest that they have!  Already this year is shaping up to blow last year’s hunt out of the water and we cannot wait to see how it goes!  We have a very special surprise coming for end-game for those hunters who make it all the way through this year!

We also want to take a moment to thank each and every shop owner who has applied to date, and we also look forward to hearing from all the shop owners who are still considering joining this year’s hunt!

With all the love for the SL hunter community,  FMH Staff