Hunt Rules

The following are the rules that we ask all hunters to observe during their time participating in the Full Moon Hunt.  We do not feel that there is a need to create a whole long list of rules for people but we do reserve the right to update and change them on an as-needed basis.


1. Do not give out the location of the hunt item for any of the shops in local chat, or the hunt group.  This takes the fun out of the hunt for everyone and will end with your expulsion from the hunt group and the hunt itself.

2. Respect the rules of the various shop owners in the hunt for their stores.  They do have the right to ban you for infractions of their rules or the rules of the hunt.

3. Please be respectful of both your fellow hunters and the store owners under all circumstances.  If there is ever an issue please seek out a member of the staff and let us be the ones to be the final intermediary on any disputes that might arise.


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