Hunt Hints

We know that sometimes hunts can be a bit of a challenge so here you will find a few helpful hints by our shop owners to give you a little helping hand in finding your hunt items!

#1 Full Moon – Sometimes up is just high enough.
#2 French Quiss Boudoir – Don’t stare into a mirror when you are trying to solve a problem.
#3 Touch It – Well now… Wells are deep.
#4 {:ThirteenTH:} Mainstore! – My gift to you.
#5 Death row Designs – I got mail!  Yyyaaaayyyyy!
#6 Battle Angel – Skip for now.
#7 JeSyLiLo – Out of the hunt
#8 X-Clusives Animations – The Full Moon is here so banish the gloom. It’s a wonderful time to be born. Head on over to the HOME FURNISHINGS room, To get down and dirty with POOL PORN.
#9 The Mewling Mad Modder – I like boxes… pretty, pretty boxes…. hur hur hur.
#10 [AsYLUM] – You feeling lucky?
#11 Smexy– Skip for now
#12 -*JaSaTo Creators*- Out of the Hunt
#13 .::Rotten Apple::. – Help me unpack this new shipment.
#14 Pixellada Shop – Under the Rabbit.
#15 Hearth & Home – The old man said Tick Tock
#16 Brent’s Book Nook – Find me hiding behind a 6 book set on the apocalypse.
#17 The Elegant Goth – Out of the Hunt.
#18 Graffitiwear Mainstore – Do you like mushrooms in your turkey gravy?
#19 * Amaranthus * – Flowers for the dead . . .
#20 .:cheeky:. Mainstore! – New huh?  Never thought it’d be that high.
#21 DivaLicious – Search for me at Midnight
#22 Spare Parts mainstore – (Skip for now)
#23 20.FIVE Mainstore  – Somewhere snug between tanks and waterfalls.
#24 ~.:.Hysteria.:.~ –  It’s so comfy!
#25 ezura Xue – “Don’t disturb me! Let me Rest In Peace!”
#26 Snow Bound – “Pour yourself a drink”
#27 PQD’s Nighmares & Dreamz – Out of the Hunt
#28 Lupoaica Mainstore – Lady Item: It took forever to climb these stairs!
Man Item: These Pillows are comfy!

#29 Chic Buildings – “Looks like there were some good prizes in the past. ”

#31 Lavis Living – (No hint yet)
#32 SuperJail Emporium – Everybody needs shelving
#33 [Insatiable Fashions] – Torn between the FATPACK and Lia.
#34 +.:The Edge:.+ – The path will lead you there but are you sure you want to go there? (Not buyable yet)
#35 *** Just You Jewels *** – (Out of the hunt)
#36 [trs] –  I’d kill for a new pair of boots.
#37 F*cking Ninjas – The prize fell between the cushions, just like the remote.
#38 .HollyWeird. – Out in plain view
#39 1 Hundred. Mainstore – Look Up High!
#40 Grumble – I would kill for those heels.
#41 * GEL * -Down in the dungeon the gift lies—look next to the chairs for the surprise
#42 Demented DreamWorx – Slip away to the fantasy avatar.
#43 A and S Vision, Home of AFTERSHOK + 1st Act!  It gets lodged between the hoodies and the skirts!
#44 Chrome Armory – See  hint giver
#45 FireBird Designs – Go get a tattoo
#46 Jonquille Fashions – Hint (TBA)
#47 cosmic curios – (Out of the hunt)
#48 ViPs CoRnEr CrEaTiOnS & AmAzInG CrEaTiOnS – FEMALE MILITARY ,if you see one thats where the gift will be

#50 USC Texture
#51 NeoVictoria – (Skip for now)
#52 ~*BaUbLeS! by  Phe*~ Mainstore – A bit of a break from the sun.
#53  #Ziau# – A shrine to the past
#54 Sirens Stones – hint is natughty goes to ……..

Mainstore w/ ~SGUK~ Seek, my friend, and ye shall find.  Every year ’round Thankskilling time.  Search up high, and down below.  You’ll find what you seek where most dare not go.  Monsters, Trolls and things that scare.  Most often times the killers hide there….
#58 Botanica – On Walden Pond (take the teleporter) Thoreau seldom ate meat. But if given a turkey here is where he’d chop off it’s head and tasty little feet.

#59 :::blah.BLAH.blah::: -“I crow at the moon, when its full”
#60 Bound & Bitten (Skip for now)
#61 Brogan Cael Designs (Skip for now)
#62 Chaos, Panic & Disorder! – -You know… An Ice Queen cannot help but be close to a Bad Santa.
#63 >::^^…Xplosion.:^^:. (Skip for now)
#64 Nawty From Beyond (Skip for now)
#65 Sucreries de F. – I love Tim Burton
#66 Black Rose -This shirt fits the theme nicely.
#67 Laudanum Lollipops – To sleep soundly in the void of black. Stash this gift under here in case of attack. (Skip for the moment)
#68 C.Wells Photagraphy (Out of the Hunt)
#69 Sweet Intoxication (Out of the Hunt)
#70 Audacity by c.Loon – One Step at a time.


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