Full Moon Hunt Staff

We are ever grateful to those people who take the time out of their busy days to help us in all aspects of the hunt.  These are the people who help us bring the hunt to everyone each and every year.

Lead Hunt Organizer:  Mordeth Morgwain

Assistant Hunt Organizer: Dezzy Melody

Primary Contact Person: Dezzy Melody

Store Contact Reps: Crimson Marquis, Nerissa Dae

We are currently looking for the following persons who can fill the following positions:

Creator Liason – These individuals will be responsible for visiting shops to ensure that hunt items are out on display, stores fall into hunt rule compliances, that the shop owners follow the hunt theme.

IT Staff – These individuals will be responsible for helping on the blogs, websites, and various other aspects of technological integration.

Promotion Staff – These individuals will be responsible for the advertisement of the hunts across the various mediums available.  Both in-world and on the web.

Would you like to be part of the FMH Staff family?  Please send an email to fmhuntstaff@gmail.com and include the following information (feel free to cut and paste to your email.  Please place FMH Staff as the subject line of your email.  Please understand that this is strictly voluntary, we do not offer a salary for staff members.

Second Life name (no display names please):

Second Life age:

Skills which would be useful to working on a hunt staff:

Do you have Skype? (we maintain a staff chat group on skype we ask all people to have):


Do you have experience working with grid-wide hunts?:

If yes, which hunts have you worked with in the past?:


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