About the Full Moon Hunt

Hello and welcome to the FMH blog page.  This is the second annual grid-wide hunt that we have had the pleasure of organizing in Second Life.  Our response last year was promising and all the shops we had the pleasure of working with were very pleasant and we felt that the hunt was rewarding for both hunters and shop owners alike.  It was with this spirit that we eagerly entered into the process of putting together this year’s hunt.

As with last year, we had a theme for the hunt.  We hoped this would offer a bit more fun for the hunters and shop owners in both decorating and the item that they offered for hunters.  This year’s theme is “Thankskilling’s Day”.

We look forward to seeing everyone this year on the hunt!

If you have any questions, and cannot get a response in-world from the staff, please feel free to email us at: FMHuntStaff@gmail.com

The FMH Staff


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